The driveless roller conveyors of SRK can be integrated into practically any material handling. Often they are used as coasting roller conveyors for baggage handling where the baggage accumulates at their end and can be taken off by the airport staff. However, smaller airports also use them in the arrival area as reclaim roller conveyors where they are completely clad in stainless steel.

Due to their unitized construction principle the SRK roller conveyors can always be adapted to the system's surroundings and demands which ensures an optimum use of the system.

Welded steel standards serve as underframes for the roller conveyors which can be adapted to possible reliefs of the floor due to their screw-adjustable feet. If the surroundings and the function of the system make it necessary ceiling suspensions are used.

The folded side guidances can be made out of steel plates with a lacquer coating (the colour is chosen by the client) or stainless steel. For a possible installation of photoelectric barriers the respective openings in the side guidances are already taken into account during manufacturing. As a standard all visible elements in the passenger area are clad with stainless steel, and the support rollers are also made of stainless steel.

Ratings SRK - Roller conveyor
Roller diameter: 50 mm
Roller pitch: 62.5 mm (other pitches on request)
Roller width: 800 - 1,200 mm (other widths on request)
Working load: approx. 50 kg/ running meter

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