The system control units of company SRK are adapted to the individual demands on the entire system and of course according to the requirements of the clients. Innovative engineering and intelligent hard- and software enable an optimum efficiency which guarantees a reliable total functioning of the constructed baggage conveyor systems.

Newest technologies as well as proven and conventional control elements are integrated by SRK. A large quantity of standard elements ensures security of functioning on all control levels.

SRK can deliver all necessary electric elements for functioning turnkey baggage conveyor systems. The client only has to prepare the main current supply to the switchboard plant. From here the scope of delivery of SRK begins.

Besides the conventional components of a switchboard plant (including its cabling) we also offer componentry for special requirements which makes it possible to integrate further functions.

The possibility of connecting our control systems to the airport control systems like FIDS, DCS and BMS enable a smooth data interchange.

For remote data transmission and control purposes we offer our clients a modem supported service in order to be able to react as fast as possible.

All our control systems and electric installations are principally produced according to the valid directives and standards of the European Community.

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